Installation Guide

How to install and play America’s Army 2.8.5

1. Create the folder C:\Games\AA285 on your computer (all commands later will be related to this folder name. If you change it, then you have to change all the “C:\Games” path with your new one)

2. Download America’y Army 2.8.5 from the "Download" Tab

a. Extract the files to your created folder C:\Games\AA285
b. You should now have the full game with all needed files at C:\Games\AA285
c. It should now look like in the picture, If so, delete the file at your desktop. You don’t need it anymore

3. Now set your player name which will be shown to the other players

a. Change to the system folder of your installation to C:\Games\AA285\System
b. Edit the file User.ini and change the UserName to YourPlayerName as you wish

4. To start the game, you need a “shotcut” on your desktop

a. Still at your system folder, where you did edit your user. Ini file, you will find this program
ArmyOps.exe. Double click it to run the game for the first time 5. For the first time you start the game, you have to fill in your

a. Player Name (same as you put in the user.ini file)
b. Select “Remember Login” and “Automatically Login”
c. Finally select LAN PLAY

6. Now, for the first time, the following message will appear

a. “Obtaining List of Internet Servers”
b. Then the following Error Message will appear
c. “Internet Server Failure”. Just press “OK” to this message
d. Finally select “Punkbuster”
e. Exit from the game now (close it)

7. To join a game, you have to know the IP address of the server you would like to connect, also you do need the
map which is running on the selected server. The maps you can find in the "Download" Tab.

8. To join server, go "Servers" Tab, Choose the server that you want to join, copy the IP Adress (CTRL+C)
Launch the game (ArmyOps.exe) and go the to Menu.
At the menu go to "AA Browser":

Now just right click on the mouse on the AA btowser and Past the IP Adress (CTRL + V)

Another way is to get in to the game, Click on "~" key at the top left of the Keyboard, then write "Open x.x.x.x." (Replace the X with the IP Adress)

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All the credits for [SWISS]Merlin!